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MP 3
 Nov 11, 2018
 Submitting to the Will of God
 Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 Nov 4, 2018
 Living the Doxology - Reformation Service
 Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 Nov 4, 2018
 Choosing the Will of God
 Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 Oct 28, 2018
 I am...the Light of the World
 Mr. Peter Beimers  Listen
 Oct 21, 2018
 A Surprise Visit
 Rev. John Hellinga  Listen
 Oct 14, 2018
 Knowing the Will of God
 Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 Oct 08, 2018
Thanksgiving Day - Taste and See
 Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 Oct 07, 2018
Acknowledging the Will of God
 Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 Sept 30, 2018
 Sept 23, 2018
 A Place at the Table
 Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 Sept 16, 2018
 The Ties That Bind
 Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 Sept 9, 2018
 Live a Life of Meaning and Purpose
 Mr. Peter Beimers  Listen
 Sept 2, 2018
 Sabbath Series - The End of the Sabbath
 Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 Aug 26, 2018
 Without Any Llimitations
 Bram DeVos  Listen
 Aug 19, 2018
 Sabbath Series - The Lord of the Sabbath
 Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 Aug 12, 2018
 Service in the Park
 Pastor Peter Hoytema    n/a
 Aug 05, 2018
 Sabbath Series - The Community of the Sabbath
 Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 July 29, 2018
 The Wedding Supper of the Lamb
 Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 July 22, 2018
 The Joy Giver
 Rev. Norman Jones  Listen
 July 15, 2018
 Sabbath Series - The Refreshment of the Sabbath
 Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 July 8, 2018
 Sabbath Series - The Rhythm of the Sabbath
 Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 July 1, 2018
 Sabbath Series - The Gift of the Sabbath
 Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 June 24, 2018
 Like Clay in a Potter's Hands
 Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 June 17, 2018
 The Motherly Love of Our Heavenly Father
 Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 June 10, 2018
 What Kind of Community is This?
 Pastor Brian Bork  Listen
 June 3, 2018
 The Gift of the Law
 Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 May 27, 2018
 Stay and Pray
 Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 May 20, 2018
 The Holy Spirit and a Holy People
 Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 May 13, 2018
 Combined Ascension Day Service at East CRC
 May 06, 2018
 Raising Nain
 Pastor Peter Hoytema   n/a
 Apr 29, 2018
 Death and Taxes
 Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 Apr 22, 2018
 And Peter
 Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 Apr 15, 2018
 Service cancelled due to weather conditions
 Apr 08, 2018
 Believing Thomas
 Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 Apr 01, 2018
 Fake News and Good News - Easter Sunday
 Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 Mar 30, 2018
 Victory in Jesus - Good Friday
 Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 Mar 25, 2018
 The Sword of the Spirit - Lent Series
 Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 Mar 18, 2018
 The Helmet of Salvation - Lent Series
 Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 Mar 11, 2018
 The Shield of Faith - Lent Series
 Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 Mar 04, 2018
 Gospel Shoes - Lent Series
 Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 Feb 25, 2018
 The Breastplate of Righteousness - Lent Series
 Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 Feb 18, 2018
 The Belt of Truth - Lent Series
 Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 Feb 11, 2018
 About Face
 Mrs. Marg Rekman  Listen
 Feb 04, 2018
 In the Garden
 Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 Jan 28, 2018
 The Weight of Water-Three Way Exchange
 Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 Jan 21, 2018
 Real Glory-Three Way Exchange
 Pastor Phil Apoll  Listen
 Jan 14, 2018
 The Temptations of Jesus-Three Way Exchange
 Pastor Derek Bouma  Listen
 Jan 07, 2018
 Let There Be Light!
 Miss Nicole Veenkamp  Listen
 Jan 01, 2018
 When BC became AD
 Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 Dec 31, 2017
 Encounters with Jesus: Simeon
 Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 Dec 25, 2017
 Encounters with Jesus: The Shepherds
 Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 Dec 24, 2017
 Encounters with Jesus: Joseph
 Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 Dec 17, 2017
 Encounters with Jesus: Mary
 Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 Dec 10, 2017
 Joy Will Return!
 Pastor Kelly Sibthorpe  Listen
 Dec 03, 2017
 Encounters with Jesus: John the Baptist
 Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 Nov 26, 2017
 Encounters with Jesus: The Living and the Dead
 Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 Nov 19, 2017
 Encounters with Jesus: The Lepers
 Pastor Dirk Miedema  Listen
 Nov 12, 2017
 The Scandal of Forgiveness
 Pastor Dirk Miedema   n/a
 Nov 05, 2017
 Encounters with Jesus: The Children
 Pastor Peter Hoytema Listen
 Oct 29, 2017
 Encounters with Jesus: The Seeker
 Pastor Peter Hoytema Listen
 Oct 22, 2017
 Encounters with Jesus: The Released Prisoner
 Pastor Peter Hoytema Listen
 Oct 15, 2017
 Encounters with Jesus: The Sinners and the Saints
 Pastor Peter Hoytema Listen
 Oct 09, 2017
 For All the Saints - Thanksgiving Day
 Pastor Peter Hoytema Listen
 Oct 08, 2017
 Encounters with Jesus: The Woman at the Well
 Pastor Peter Hoytema Listen
 Oct 01, 2017
 Encounters with Jesus: The Secret Disciple
 Pastor Peter Hoytema Listen
 Sept 24, 2017
 Seven Ducks in a Muddy Stream
 Rev. Norman Jones Listen
 Sept 17, 2017
 Encounters with Jesus
 Pastor Peter Hoytema Listen
 Sept 10, 2017
 Recognizing the Body
 Pastor Peter Hoytema Listen
 Sept 03, 2017
 The Rest of God
 Pastor Peter Hoytema Listen
 Aug 27, 2017
 Waiting on God
 Pastor Peter Hoytema Listen
 Aug 20, 2017
 Your Freedom in Christ is Not a License to Sin
 Pastor Jim Vellenga Listen
 Aug 13, 2017
 Service in Alexandra Park
 Aug 06, 2017
 The Power of Encouragement
 Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 July 30, 2017
 Something Old, Something New
 Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 July 23, 2017
 Who is a God Like You?
 Pastor Jim Vellenga  Listen
 July 16, 2017
 What Time is It?
 Mrs. Marg Rekman  Listen
 July 09, 2017
 A Thirst for Life
 Rev. Norman Jones  Listen
 July 02, 2017
 The Finder and The Found
 Pastor Brian Bork  Listen
 June 25, 2017
 When God Moves In
 Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 June 18, 2017
 Pharisees I Have Known
 Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 June 11, 2017
 Lessons in Leadership
 Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 June 04, 2017
 You Will Be My Witnesses - Pentecost
 Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 May 28, 2017
 Combined Ascension Day Service at East CRC
 May 21, 2017
 The Gospel According to Job
 Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 May 14, 2017
 The Voice in the Storm
 Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 May 07, 2017
 The Difference between Understanding  and 
  Standing Under
 Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 Apr 30, 2017
 A Life of Grace  Miss Nicole Veenkamp  Listen
 Apr 23, 2017
 The Hands of Jesus  Rev. Norman Jones  Listen
 Apr 16, 2017
 I Know That My Redeemer Lives - Easter Sunday  Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 Apr 14, 2017
 Gold in the Darkness - Good Friday  Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 Apr 09, 2017
 Tears and Triumph  Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 Apr 02, 2017
 Miserable Comforters  Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 Mar 26, 2017
 Behind the Scenes of Suffering  Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 Mar 19, 2017
 Christ Alone: Listen to Him  Mrs. Marg Rekman    n/a
 Mar 12, 2017
   Garett Kingma    n/a
 Mar 05, 2017
 A Man Named Job  Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 Feb 26, 2017
 The Gospel and the Insider  Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 Feb 19, 2017
 The Gospel and the Outsider  Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 Feb 12, 2017
 Barely Getting a Leaf Out  Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 Feb 05, 2017
 The Lord is My Shepherd - Psalm Series  Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 Jan 29, 2017
 The Lord is Our Shepherd - Psalm Series  Pastor Derek Bouma  Listen
 Jan 22, 2017
 The Way Home - Psalm Series  Pastor Phil Apoll  Listen
 Jan 15, 2017
 After Christmas  Mr. Walter Miedema  Listen
 Jan 08, 2017
 Barely Getting A Leaf Out          Combined Service  Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 Jan 08, 2017
 Reading Service  Rick Binder  Listen
 Jan 01, 2017
 The Evangelical Stream: The Magi  Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 Dec 31, 2016
 Is it Only A Matter of Time?  Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 Dec 25, 2016
 The Incarnational Stream: Jesus Christ  Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 Dec 24, 2016
 Love Came Down at Christmas  Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 Dec 18, 2016
 No service!  Pastor Peter Hoytema   n/a
 Dec 11, 2016
The Social Justice Stream: John the Baptist           Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 Dec 04, 2016
The Holiness Stream: Joseph                      Advent  Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 Nov 27, 2016
 The Contemplative Stream: Mary               Advent  Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 Nov 20, 2016
 Oh to Be Rich!  Kelly Sibthorpe - Fanshawe  Listen
 Nov 13, 2016
 Persistent Prayer  Michael Wagenman - UWO  Listen
 Nov 06, 2016
 The Seed In Good Soil  Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 Oct 30, 2016
 The Seed Among the Thorns  Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 Oct 23, 2016
 The Seed Among the Rocks  Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 Oct 16, 2016
 A Sower Went Out To Sow  Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 Oct 10, 2016
 Please and Thank You - Thanksgiving Day  Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 Oct 09, 2016
 God's Church Making an Impact  Mr. Peter Beimers  Listen
 Oct 02, 2016
 Lost Sheep and Stray Dogs  Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 Sept 25, 2016
 The God of All Comfort  Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 Sept 18, 2016
 Choosing the One Thing  Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 Sept 11, 2016
 Back to School  Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 Sept 04, 2016
 Work and Worship  Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 Aug 28, 2016
 Staring Fresh  Mr. Peter Beimers  Listen
 Aug 21, 2016
 The Mystery of Marriage  Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 Aug 14, 2016
 Water From the Rock  Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 Aug 07, 2016
 Church in Alexander Park  Pastor Peter Hoytema  n/a
 July 31, 2016
 The Bread Of Life   Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 July 24, 2016
 Strength to Strength  Mrs. Marg Rekman  n/a
 July 17, 2016
 You Don't Mess with God  Rick Binder  n/a
 July 10, 2016
 Into the Deep  Rev. Norman Jones  n/a
 July 03, 2016
 The Last Word on Prayer  Pastor Peter Hoytema  n/a
 June 26, 2016
 The Prayer of Lament  Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 June 19, 2016
 The Prayer Life of Jesus  Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 June 12, 2016
 Help for the Journey  Pastor Eric Groot-Nibbelink  Listen
 June 05, 2016
 The Prayer of Intercession  Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 May 29, 2016
 The Prayer of Petition  Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 May 22. 2016
 The Prayer of Thanksgiving  Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 May 15, 2016
 Led By the Spirit - Pentecost Sunday  Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 May 08, 2016
 Combined Ascension Day Service at East CRC    n/a
 May 01, 2016
 The Prayer of Confession  Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 Apr 24, 2016
 The Prayer of Adoration  Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 Apr 17, 2016
 Prayer:  The Heart at Home  Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
 Apr 10 , 2016
 Help My Unbelief  Mrs Marg Rekman  Listen
 Apr 3 , 2016
 A Matter of Life and Death  Pastor Peter Hoytema  Listen
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