Westmount Christian Reformed Church, 405 Drury Lane, Strathroy, ON N7G 3G2
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Westmount History
The Westmount Christian Reformed Church was dedicated in November 1966. There were one hundred and nine families that worshipped together. Most of these families were originally members of the sister church called East Christian Reformed Church.

During the construction of the new church, the Westmount congregation worshiped in the Christian School that was located across the street from the East Christian Reformed Church. Rev. H. Eshusis pastored our first congregation.

In 1976, a number of families that lived close to Mt. Brydges, left to join the new Mt. Brydges CRC.

Westmount's membership peaked in 1990. At that time an extensive addition and renovation was undertaken. During the ensuing years to 1999, there was much unrest in the congregation. Eventually in 1999, many of our members left to establish the Providence United Church; others joined community churches.

Over the years, there have been many changes in the Westmount church family. There have been six different ministers. We have been blessed with pastors who have always led us and encouraged us as a community of believers to stay true to the Word of God.

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